Call for Speakers for July 2010 Show

Cybernet Expo’s intense focus on learning and education has lead the industry for years — there is simply no better place to learn about running a successful adult business on the internet. In 2009, we introduced highly informative “Intensive Training” classes to the lineup, complimenting our longstanding “Industry Insider” series of moderated panelist discussions. This year both the Intensive Training and Industry Insider sessions will return — and we are looking to add new and innovative ways to learn to the lineup of events.

Are you an expert in your field? At this time we are accepting submissions of proposals to speak at Cybernet Expo. If you would like to be included on a discussion panel, or believe you have the skills and experience to head up your own class or training session at Cybernet Expo, please contact us with your pitch. Your proposal or area of expertise must be of interest to our attendees, which consist of companies and individuals with an interest in the successful operation of adult-oriented internet businesses and websites.